Lab Pro Superfamily

Lab Pro Superfamily

From Sans to Slab and beyond...

Lab Pro is a geometric superfamily with a technological and minimalist look and is suitable for use in large sizes. It has eight versatile weights, from Thin to Black including true italics for each one and a wide range of stylish alternate characters to improve its use in different graphic contexts.

Lab Pro Superfamily has been designed and developed along with Ricardo Santos for Tiponautas.

Designer's Choice

Lab Pro Superfamily has been the choice of hundreds of Designers and Art Directors for creative projects of all kinds.
Explore Tiponautas Flickr gallery for more Type in Use examples.

Lab Pro Superfamily has been featured in Slanted Magazine #19 and has been part of the exhibition Every letter tells a story, Typography design in Spain since 1990.

Lab Sans Pro and Lab Slab Pro are part of the Tiponautas font collection which can be purchased on Myfonts.

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