A link to define and connect an integral visual identity

DiggsDesign focuses on creative solutions to improve the online presence of their clients through web design, custom web-based tools and content development. With more than 10 years of experience and having worked with a wide range of industries across the US, this Southern Californian web design studio needed to update their brand and visual identity to more modern, streamlined and impactful approach.

Along with the DiggsDesign team we developed a design concept based on the element of a web link and its connection capabilities. We created a custom designed lettering for their logo, custom icons and supporting graphics among other elements in order to create a fresh new visual language. The different brand versions allow DiggsDesign to always look readable over any background and in any size on any device.


Luis has elevated DiggsDesign to a heightened visual platform that I didn’t even realize existed. He helped us form our design point of view by teaching us about visual communication strategies and guiding us through all stages of our brand development.

Robbie Diggs. Founder, Managing & Operations Director

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