Rethinking the news

Banter is a start-up based in San Francisco with the one mission of rethinking how we consume, share and interact with news. The goal of their first app is to provide you with your favorite content from different sources in one single feed that you can create, love and share with others like no other news aggregator app on the market.

I worked closely with Banter’s founders to develop a robust yet playful identity system. The services provided included naming and brand strategy, helping the client in every step of their brand development.

In order to strengthen their “Diving into the news” concept and make Banter more approachable and friendly we subtlety introduced a group of whales responsible of helping and guiding users on social media and email communications.

The second half of the project consisted of developing the user experience and user interface of the app while expanding the brand guidelines across a wide range of interactions.

User Experience & User Interface Design

The open-mindedness of the client and the innovative nature of Banter let us explore diverse UX methodologies and tools.

The CC Button
Banter’s CC button is what triggers social interactions and news feed customization within the platform and is located on the bottom of each story card. After a few versions, the final button was simplified.

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